Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi Friends!

It's "officially" Fall but the weather here can't seem to figure it out yet.

Our blistering hot, humid summer days have given way to cold, flooding rains and dreary days. I finally broke down the other day when it was 46 degrees and turned the heat on. This weekend is going back to the good old summer time...with temps near 80!  

The weather aside, don't you think that we always look forward to the arrival of the "new season?"  There's a certain unexplained excitement and anticipation with the arrival of  each one and then we wait impatiently (it seems) for the next.

This pillow "Welcome Seasons" is "an oldie but goodie" from Pine Mountain.
It's one of my favorites. As you know, I like to add my own touch to a lot of the pieces I stitch....(as many of you also do) ....and I did the same on this one.
The colors remained the same but I changed the lettering and added beads to the flowers and pumpkins.  The charms are a snowflake, butterfly, sun and acorn. It was a fun and quick stitch.  I keep it out all year because it knows "no season." :)

I have a few finishes to complete this weekend and 3 of my 4 children will be home for Fall break.  My youngest son will have his break next weekend.  My heart is happy looking forward to all 4 coming home.  I'll be sooo thrilled when they will all be home together for Thanksgiving break. Oh, Happy Day!!

Later next week I'm heading to the Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster.
I hope to take lots of pictures and share my trip with you all in an upcoming post.

I will also be on the lookout while I'm there for treats to put into my November birthday giveaway...

Should YOU, dear follower be the winner, what's on your wishlist??  

 Let me know on this post !!  I'll be using the Random Generator so everyone will have a fair chance. You only need to be a follower of my blog so, spread the word!! :)  I will have STASH TO SHARE...straight from St Charles Market via the vendors at the Jubilee.  I plan on drawing the winner on Friday, November 5  at noon.  (My official birthday)

As always, I appreciate your kind comments and emails. I enjoy following your wonderful blogs and seeing your inspiring, creative stitching and finishing.
I consider myself lucky to have met so many wonderful blogging friends.

Hope you all have a happy, safe FALL weekend.



  1. very cute finish! I wish I had the courage to make changes to patterns! Right now, I am trying to figure out how to convert a speciality floss to dmc...I WILL not spend that much money on the flosses!
    Have a wonderful time with your kids this weekend! How blessed you are...
    and have a super, duper time at jubilee......Oh, how I wish I could do something like that! Maybe one day! you believe I have never made one?? One of the upcoming things I saw that looked interesting was the 'mantle row'....I believe by bent creek??

  2. I just found your Blog Mary thanks to you commenting on mine :o) Please enter me in your giveaway. I hope that someday I can go to the SJ. I'm from Canada but it wouldn't be a big deal getting there. I hope you have fun!

    Love you finish and it's always nice adding your own touch to your stitching :o)

  3. Mary, I know how much you are going to enjoy this weekend. It's always so nice when some of our children come home to visit. I love the personal touches you've done to 'Welcome Seasons'.this one will be a lovely pillow.

    Have fun next week at Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster! If I won your giveaway I know I'd be happy with whatever you decided to put in it. Looking forward to seeing the finishes you're planning!

  4. I know just what you mean about the seasons, Mary--can't imagine living in a climate where there aren't four distinct ones. As much as I complain about cold and winter--there is nothing more beautiful than waking up to a landscape of newly-fallen snow!

    Have a wonderful time with your kids! It is always such a good feeling when they come home again.

    Hmmm... to be included in your giveaway? I love giveaways with newer charts, interesting fabrics or threads, handmade items the most. I'm sure whatever you chose will be treasured by the winner :)

  5. Hi Mary! Love your all seasons piece, very cute. I couldn't imagine living where you aren't able to enjoy the change of the seasons. Have a fabulous time with your children - once they are grown we just don't get to see them often enough, do we?
    I would love to enter your giveaway. You know I will love anything you offer but my wish list for now would be different colored linen and overdyed flosses. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Mary! How fun to find a new cross stitch blog! Your stitching is beautiful! I'm loving all the newer charts by LHN, CCN, Shepherd's Bush, Blackbird Designs... I also love scissors and overdyed flosses and fun stitchy kits and things. :-) I have a big project in the works and limited stitching time, so I love little things that provide "instant gratification". :-)

  7. Enjoy the time with your family and have fun on your trip.

  8. I love your Welcome Seasons finish. It is gorgeous.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway please. I think my biggest wish at the moment would be for some Crescent Colours threads to kit up an LHN project :)

  9. Hello dear Mary,
    Seasons know no reason is true. We are finally getting a little cold front today and I am definitely welcoming that. Your latest Pine Mountain piece is very pretty and I like you love to change and play with colors on stitching pieces.
    I know you will enjoy your time with your children. A mother's love knows no season too. As far as a wish list, Mary, mine is too long. LOL.
    Lastly, thank you for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Blessings to you.

  10. Love your All Seasons finish.

    I am a Four Seasons gal. I love the change that each season brings but Fall is my absolute favorite.

  11. What a sweet finish! Enjoy your time with all the kids home. My daughter comes home next weekend for the first time in a month--I can't wait! I just need to go into her room and throw out some stuff that she'll never miss before she arrives. ;)

    Enjoy the Jubilee!

  12. Love the new finish and it's finally feeling a little fall-ish here in the south; I'm in Alabama. My wish list is so long, hahahaa....
    today, my most wanted chart is Simple Joys by LHN, tomorrow may be a different story, LOL
    Enjoy Lancaster!

  13. Cute finish - it was so nice meeting IRL at Jubilee! Sorry I didn't see you the last day, but maybe next Nashua - we're thinking of going there the end of April, but we'll see what happens! :)


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