Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!
How lucky we all are to share our love of stitching!
I have been so fortunate to have met many new stitching friends and followers since I began my blog 2 months ago. 
That being said, LOOK at the beautiful quilted candle mat that arrived for me from Myra (Gr8dame)  The colors are perfect, match my new Fall candles and the colors in my dining room. The quilting is so detailed and lovingly done. Myra was among the first to follow my blog, always has a kind word and shares entertaining conversations. Thank you, dear Myra, from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness and kindness.  I always have a candle burning and now it has a special place "all its own." Each time I look at it, you're in my thoughts, dear friend.

As I was receiving a RAK, I was sending one...to my dear Mom.
You'll probably recognize it as the LHN "Herbal Tea."  I changed the colors of the silks and the lettering. I added blending filament to the "steam" and interspersed pink and pearl beads along the border and on the cup. The fabric shown with it is the one I used for the backing. I added the ribbon and pearl trim along the edge and was so pleased with the final result!  I have always liked the combination of pink and green. I think they're "happy colors." Pastels are among my favorites.

Believe it or not, I started this piece for Mother's Day and didn't have time to finish it with graduation and college moveouts. 
Mom was thrilled to get the little package in the mail.  I sent it as a "thinking of you with love treat." I think it meant more to her on the day she received it than if I had given to her on Mother's Day...a little boost on an otherwise ordinary day.  So, I guess my delayed timing was worth it!

I have gotten some stitching done these past few weeks (not as much as I would have liked to) and have a few finishes lined up.
I keep telling myself not to start anything new until the last piece is finished but you know how THAT goes!!  I call it "stitching multi-tasking"
These past few weeks have been busy with getting the house cleaned and decorated for Fall, my son's birthday, finishing my yearly continuing ed credits for anesthesia and chairing a raffle for the church picnic. 

Next week, I'm attending  the Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster.  Are you going? As an early birthday treat, my family has given me hotel reservations for 2 nights (I usually make it a day trip). I'm sooo looking forward to it... shopping, meeting up with old friends and being able to concentrate on my stitching. 
I have to get these projects finished here this week because the temptation for more stash enhancement is looming next week.  Oh, I'll TRY to be good and resist temptation....HA!

GIVEAWAY NEWS..since my birthday is coming the first week of November, be on the lookout for my first giveaway!!  I can guarantee a few new goodies from the Jubilee and some little "stitching extras"  to make one of my blog followers happy!!

Thank you for your kind comments and emails. I appreciate each one and enjoy following yours. Your stitching talents are great and the friendship it brings even greater!

Please try to make today a beautiful one for someone touching it with a little kindness....what a difference it makes for all of us :)



  1. beautiful post to read first thing in the morning Mary......I love the candle display....so comfy! I love autumn colors & that candle is my favorite autumn colored candle!!!
    The piece you did for your mom is gorgeous....I agree, sometimes it is so much better to receive a gift when it is least expected!
    Oh, how fun to go to the stitching retreat! Enjoy! What a great gift from your family!!! Be sure to take lots of pictures, to show us all about it!

  2. What a lovely RAK you received and I love the one you stitched for your Mum.

  3. A lovely random act of kindness pretty from sweet Myra! She's a doll!
    And your random act of kindness to your Mama is just pretty as a picture! I love the edging!
    Be a good girl at the Jubilee :)

  4. What a beautiful candle mat. Your finish for your mother is very nice,I just love LHN patterns.

  5. What beautiful gifts both given and received, Mary! Myra's candle mat is so wonderful--the colors she used look perfect with your candle. I sure wish I could sew and quilt as well as she does!!

    I know your mom will treasure your little tea stitching--it is so delicate and feminine looking with all of the beading and the pink and green. Your finishing is perfect!

    I know you'll love having two days to relax at the Stitching Jubilee and just devote your time to yourself and your stitching--enjoy each moment, my friend :)

  6. The cnadle mat that Myra made is beautiful! She does wonderful work. The pinkeep that you made for your Mother is just lovely. Have a wonderful time at your retreat.

  7. What a lovely gift for your Mom, how wonderful for you to do for her! It's very pretty, you did a great job on it!

  8. What a lovely gift from your friend Myra and the piece for your Mom is just beautiful!
    Have a wonderful time at your retreat.

  9. I am so happy you like the candle mat and the colors worked for your hom. It looks great with that candle. The piece you made for your mom is just gorgeous - such attention to detail on the finishing.

    I hope you have a fabulous time at Jubilee - fo take some pictures to share if you can.

  10. That Myra is a sweetheart :) Enjoy your gift :)
    I love your gift for mom :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate it so much :)

  11. A very lovely post Mary, what a lovely little gift from Myra.

    The gift for your Mother is beautiful, what a special treat to receive from a daughter.

    Enjoy your stitching and 'stashing' trip

  12. What a lovely gift from Myra. She is just one of the nicest people. I love what you stitched and sent to your mum. I am sure after she received it she spent the rest of day walking round with a smile on her face and rightly so.


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