Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hello friends,
I hope that you all had a good week and are looking forward to a restful weekend. The sun FINALLY came out here today and it was cool enough (without humidity) to open the windows and turn off the AC....what a relief to get a was heavenly. It's hard to believe that Labor Day is next weekend! I don't know about you, but my summer flew by. I'm ready for cooler weather in the next few months but not a repeat of the unending snow and ice that we had last year..

Have any of you ever had a similar misfortune like the one I'm about to share?

This has NEVER happened to me before! This poor little snowman is in limbo waiting for "the rest of him and his friends" to be finished because I LOST the chart! He's a Sam Sarah design, "All is Calm" from the 2009 JCS ornament issue. He's adorable and I started to stitch him at the beginning of the summer and put him aside. I also had my eye on a few others in the same issue to stitch. I have turned the house upside down looking for the magazine. Since it's no where to be found, all I can think is that it got picked up under a newspaper on my desk, put in recycle and... well, you know the rest. I try to be so careful with all of my stitching projects but probably in the hub-bub of the past few weeks here at home, things became a whole lot less organized than usual. Fortunately, I was able to contact JCS and another issue is in the mail....whew....crisis avoided. Hang in there, buddy.. Doesn't he look like he's reaching out for help?? (almost like he knows what happened :o )

On a lighter note, I'm still in Halloween mode. My little witch is coming along and should be finished this weekend...I can't wait to show you! I'm so happy with it.

I'm a long time fan of Erica Michaels designs and this chart, Random Thoughts of Autumn, is one that I started last year. I stitched it on 18ct black Aida (a real switch for me from linen) because I plan on making a pillow.

I'm also working on finishing Little Bit o' Autumn on 40 ct gauze. This is done with 1/2 cross stitches and goes along relatively fast. Have any of you also stitched these? As long as my eyes hold up, I'm good. As my age (I'm not THAT old) increases seems that my stitch count does the same...what's with that? Maybe an appreciation for the "little things in life." LOL..TRUE!!

As you can probably tell, I'm finishing things that have been waiting.....patiently for a home. I look at some of them and think "why isn't it finished?" because there isn't a lot left to stitch on it. Oh, I'm sure there was a good reason or 5 :) :) :) :) :) and my heart and time were elsewhere.....
Thank you for stopping by dear friends. I appreciate and look forward to all of your kind comments, inspiration, and emails. I enjoy visiting your blogs. You are ALL so TALENTED!
ALL MY LOVE to my "SPECIAL 5" because I KNOW you read my blog! (xo)




  1. each of the pieces you show today are gorgeous & are all things I would love to stitch myself. So happy you were able to get another copy of the magazine...disaster solved!! I am sure you would have had plenty of help with getting the issue resolved if they didn't have it.
    I am glad I found your blog, as it is going to be inspiring to me!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. Whew! I love those silk gauze pieces but I just don't think my eyes could take it. Sorry to hear about the mishap with your JCS issue but glad you were able to get a replacement. That little snowman is cute! I am really loving the design on the black aida - that one is stunning. I hope you have a great stitchy weekend my friend!

  3. Oh my, your silk gauze piece is gorgeous. I am full of admiration that you are stitching on this!!! Glad you were able to order another magasine, this little snowman does indeed look like he's stretching out for help! Hopefully your copy will be with you soon. Random Thoughts of Autumn looks great!

  4. Oh, my! I've never stitched on 40 ct., Mary--you are very brave! But, it is so tiny and perfect looking!

    Poor little snowman--he does, indeed, look like he's searching for the rest of him! My husband accidentally threw out several of my stitching magazines last year because they ended up in the recycling pile by mistake.

    Pieces stitched on black are always stunning and "Random Thoughts of Autumn" is no exception!

  5. Your little snow buddy is cute, he certainly looks like he is putting out a 'twig' for help.

    40ct!! OMGoodness, never tried that small, 36 is the smallest i have used

  6. Hi there Mary.
    First. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Life as I know have been busy. I have just read your post and I am having the same problems here. I have recently reorganize my stash, labeling and the whole works; and now I cannot find a quilt I recently started and wanted done for the fall; and now I think it will have to be next year's fall project if I find it. I love the snowman you are working on. If my memory serves me okay, which it is not right now, I think I stitched that one and only God knows where it is as it too needs finishing. Alright! I guess I should have asked first, "How much time do you have to listen to me?" LOL.
    Anywho, I look forward to seeing your progress on your stitching.
    Take care and hugs.


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