Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello, dear stitching friends! It's hard to believe that a month has passed since my last post. My summer has flown by and has been busy for what seems to have been every minute. Of my 4 dear children, 3 are safely off to college, including my youngest son. Like many of you in the same boat, I have driven from one end of the state to the other, painted, shopped, packed, loved, encouraged, sorted, lifted, climbed, added my own two cents, battled the heat of 3 (yes 3) third floor dorm rooms, hugged, held, cried, and prayed for their safety, well being and happiness. May God bless them all in their new endeavors. What a bittersweet time this is for me and my husband (oh, how we miss them) but we know that they are happy and doing well. Our oldest son who graduated from college last year, is living at home. He just received a job promotion so that joy along with his daily presence balances my melancholy with the other 3 away. So..when is Fall break??? I'm probably the only one in this family at this point that's even thinking about THAT.

Last night was the first I have stitched in weeks and although it isn't finished yet, here she is!....all 3 inches of her. The original pattern called for 30 ct over 2 for a finished size of 5 1/2 inches. I chose to stitch on a 32 ct piece of PTP Relic that I had and I think it sets all of the colors off beautifully. My camera didn't get a good pic of the color as it is darker than what is shown. Hopefully, the "finished product" will show the true colors. Another few days and it will be DONE. I like the smaller size as I can put her almost anywhere and she isn't overwhelming. It's a quick stitch if you keep at it....but....I had other things on my agenda!

My DH bought this bouquet for me today....he's good with things like that and is very thoughtful and kind. The lighter ones are alstromeria, a form of lily. They're my favorite flower and last forever if you keep them cut in fresh water. The flowers are a mix of Fall mums and darker shades. They really brightened an otherwise dreary and unpredictable weather day. Sunny one minute, pouring the next and the humidity is wicked. This summer was surely one for the books for all of us. We've had more 90+days than ever....let's hope for a cooler Fall, my favorite time of year (next to Christmas!)

Have any of you tried knotwork? This is the first piece that I did last year by Teresa Layman and I fell in love with it! Despite what you've heard about colonial and french knots, they are easy and go by quickly. Most important is how forgiving it is. When the piece is finished, it's hard to imagine that it's all knots! Her designs are beautiful and now are adapted for cross stitch, too. This little guy will be out on display soon for Fall. Speaking of squirrels, we have lots of them in our yard and last my basement (long story) We live in a stone house but they found a way in through my dryer vent. It was a true family affair in the basement as we had squirrel babies! They were warm and cozy but their stay was short. Ah, my heart broke seeing the little ones but I'm happy to say that they were all humanely trapped and set free and the window rescreened. They still come close to the house though...looking for their spa!

I have enjoyed following your blogs and appreciate your kind comments and emails over the past weeks. You are all so talented with your stitching and finishing. Truly, inspirations and wonderful stitching buddies...Thank You!

May you be blessed with all that is good this week and have time for some relaxing stitching and doing the things that make you happy!

To all of you parents, guardians, and extended families sending your children off to school (whatever the age), the military, or venturing out on their own, my thoughts and prayers are with you :)



  1. (((HUG)))Funny how we can miss them so terribly.
    I am sure your oldest, your DH and your stitching will pick up the slack.
    Be always in stitching

  2. Welcome back!! Boo to you is darling..... Faye

  3. I don't even want to think about my kids all venturing off to college. I'll have three leave in two years....thank God for my baby and I'll have a 6 year gap before she flies the coop.

    Your stitching is beautiful and your DH's flowers a sweet reminder of his love for you even though your babies are away.


  4. Welcome back to the blogging world, Mary! Your little witch is looking just darling (well, I guess that's not a proper adjective for a witch is it?)... this looks like really a fun project and I'm so glad you're finding time to work on it again.

    I can't imagine all that it took to get three kids off to college--one was almost overwhelming for me :) It was so thoughtful of your dear husband to deliver a pretty bouquet when he sensed you could use some cheering up ...

    Hopefully, your stitching will help fill some of that empty feeling in your heart. Your kids will all be home for a visit before you know it... And how proud you must be of all of them :)

  5. welcome back Mary - no, have not tried knotwork, your witch is awesome!

  6. Your little witch is adorable and the knotwork is amazingly cute.

  7. Love your little witch, Mary! Sounds like you've had a busy time lately. I'm glad that everyone is settling in and I know you will enjoy having your eldest at home - congrats to him on his job promotion! What a lovely DH - the flowers are gorgeous! I've never tried knotwork, your piece is lovely.

  8. I'm having a hard time with the fact that my son will be going off to college next year. Seems like he was just a baby yesterday!

    Love your stitching and the flowers from your husband is beautiful. I haven't tried knotwork (well, maybe some colonial knots years ago), but it looks intriguing.

  9. Hi Mary, You're work is beautiful! I not only enjoy seeing it on your blog, I also have the pleasure of seeing it in person, as well as two of the four "buddies" Love to you!


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