Friday, September 27, 2013

Pumpkins for Cathey

                          Happy Pumpkin Blogoversary, Cathey!
 Our thoughts, love and prayers go out to you on this special day. You can never have enough pumpkins but your most precious one sits and smiles on your lap.
I know that you are a beautiful stitcher and fan of Mirabilia and Nora Corbett. I'd like to share this piece I stitched a few years ago. I was drawn to it for its beauty and grace (and she has 2 pumpkins with her :)
Your inner grace and beauty are an inspiration to all of us.
Sharon (Daffycat) was thoughtful to reach out to the worldwide stitching community to make this a very special day for you. Word certainly travels f-a-s-t!
Isn't it a wonderful feeling to know how kind, loving and supportive our stitching buddies are?
I can attest to that firsthand myself!

I'm sending my heartfelt blessings and prayers to you and your dear family today and everyday.

Just remember that you have many cheerleaders around the world rooting for you!  (((HUGS)))


  1. A very sweet wish for Cathey:)

  2. Beautiful post for Cathey. I am also praying for her.

  3. A beautiful post Mary. Your Mirabilia finish is wonderful.

  4. Echoing your sentiments. A lovely finish.

  5. This was a beautifull and very encouraging post for Cathey.The Mirabilia Fairy is very pretty ,I havent ever seen this one before !
    Thank You for visiting my blog again ! :)

  6. Beautiful blog and post. Greetings from Italy.

  7. Beautiful blog and post. Greetings from Italy.

  8. Love your pumpkin tribute! It was so nice to be a part of something wonderful.

  9. Your fairy is so beautiful, Mary--a perfect way to let Cathey know we are all supporting her in her fight against cancer... I'm sure she was really feeling our love on Friday :)

  10. The fairy is so pretty. Finally catching up on my blogging. So good to be back. What are you working on mary?


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