Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh, I had a wonderful birthday!  You know the kind of day that you don't want to end?  That was it!!
My day was filled with fun, love and happiness thanks to my entire family.  Thank you dear ones for ALL you did to make it a memorable day for me! Whether you were here or away, you're always in my heart((xo))

Thank you friends, for your thoughtful wishes and emails. I appreciate every one of them.

My first email of the day was a Precious Moments ecard from Shari. It was a sweet start to a great day.  I love it Shari,  as I've had a Precious Moments collection for many years. Ironically at the end of the day, Shari's name was generated as the winner of my giveaway!  Congratulations to a very deserving blog friend.

Two of my dear stitching friends sent me the most amazing treats...

 Myra sent this beautiful project bag and tissue case. The colors are so bright and cheerful.

My "Special One of a Kind" gift!
Myra is a fabulous seamstress and the detail on this bag is lovely, complete with the key charm on the zipper.  What makes it special too, is that she signed and dated the inside of  the bag.  The tissue case matches my purse and adds a special touch to a pack of tissues! Thank you Myra from the bottom of my heart for your kindness.  You are a treasured friend.  I think of you each time I stitch as my latest project now has a "new home!"

My next surprise was from Carol. She sent a variety of linen along with adorable Christmas fabric for finishing my ornaments. Most special was the beautiful ornament that she made, stitched over one. Take a look at this finish...the beaded edge is perfect and the detail is unbelievable. This is my only stitched ornament with our family name on it and is a true treasure. Thank you Carol. I appreciate the time it took to make this for me and will treasure it and our friendship always. The ecard added a special touch too!

"What a treat!"

"A Keepsake"

On the stitching front, I have started the Gobble Couple.  What I have done so far is all one color and not picture ready. Hopefully, this will be a weekend finish since Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away.

"Santa's Little Helper"
 This is an older piece from Heartstrings( Pat Thode) that I forgot I had....does that happen to you, too?  It came in a kit with 28ct linen. I ran out of the wool for the reindeer and the "new" dye lots didn't match. I can see where...maybe that's why it was put away as my eye kept going to the "spot" and I was actually thinking of ripping it out and starting over..NO....I have too much done and it's almost finished.  I want to frame it for this year and framing deadlines are looming.  THAT'S my incentive for getting this done!  Sorry for the raw pic. It's really cute when it's finished.....and ironed :) The folds make it appear faded but the linen is fine.

You know how I love stitching with beads so this kit from Mill Hill "Gingerbread House" is next on my list.  I can't wait to get started on this just looks like fun. I like to stitch these on 28 ct linen rather than on the perforated paper.  In my opinion, they look better and last longer. That's a plus given the time it takes to complete one.
I'll keep you updated on my progress.

As we celebrate Veterans Day today,  we remember with gratitude the unselfish and brave sacrifices that have been made for our country by our veterans and those currently serving. Please remember in thought and prayer all those who have gone before us, those who may not have come home and those who are away now from loved ones and friends.  Their families have also sacrified in untold ways.
We are the Land of the Free because of the Brave. THANK YOU!
God Bless America!

In some way may our small tokens of gratitude and appreciation make a big difference in someone's life today ~

I appreciate your stopping by and am grateful for the many friends I have made through my little piece of blogland.
I hope you all have a good weekend ahead.


  1. Hi Mary! I am happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday. Of course we don't like getting a year older but family and friends kindnesses make it fun again. :o) The ornament Carol made is gorgeous - she does such pretty work. Thank you for you kind comments on my little gift - it just thrills me that you like it. I can't wait to see your start on the bead kit, it sure is a cute design.

  2. Oh Mary!!! You certainly have had the BEST birthday ever!! Happy Birthday~~~ Isn't Myra the best???? She is probably the best seamstress I know of and her gifts truly touch the heart....These are no exception!!! And, Carol is a dear to have sent you the beautiful ornament and goodies! I especailly love the added touch of your initials on the back!!

    Again, Happy birthday to you!!! Faye

  3. What a cute ornament and package of goodies. I love the finishing on the back of the ornament. Such a nice way to spend your birthady...hope it was a good one.

  4. I loved making the little ornament for you, Mary--after all it helped feed my addiction to "over one" stitching :) Seriously, I'm so pleased that you liked it and the fabric selection that I sent you.

    Your birthday sounds just as special as you deserve--here's to a wonderful new year with lots of stitching time and wonderful new experiences :)

    Looking forward to watching your Gingerbread House be built--all those beads! It will be lovely...

  5. What lovely gifts Mary. So glad you had a lovely birthday.

    Lovely stitching.

  6. so glad I could play a small part in making your special day special! I am so glad to have found your blog....I look forward to seeing new posts from you!!!
    The gifts you received from Myra & Carol are both great! Stitching friends are the best of friends! I am convinced!
    And to see that I won your giveaway at the end of YOUR special day.....all I can say is WOW! and thanks of course!!!! Can't wait to see it!!
    Have a super weekend!

  7. Mary so glad to hear that you had such a wonderful birthday. Beautiful gifts from both Myra and Carol. I'm glad you've picked up Santa's Little Helper again, I haven't come across that one before and it's lovely! I can't see any difference in the colour but I do understand how, if you have noticed it it always catches your eye.

  8. Wonderful gifts to help you celebrate your special day.

    Your project is stitching up nicely

  9. What wonderful gifts you received. Myra's work is just beautiful. Carol's ornie is stunning. The finishing was lovely.


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